History of Covenant Veterans Home

Brief History:
Covenant Veterans Home (CVH) is a 501© 3 non-profit organization founded by Virn Rose and her son, Vincent Rose serves today’s needy veterans and their families by receiving funds and grants from organizations that address essential employment, housing, education, and medical needs of veterans and their families, the pattern of funds and grants received remains consistent. Over the past years the Covenant Veterans Home (CVH) has actively supported and financially encouraged the following types of state and community initiatives:

Outreach Programs:
Covenant Veterans Home (CVH) programs concentrate on assisting veterans and providing veterans and their families’ assistance specific to their needs.

Specific Needs Programs:
Covenant Veterans Home (CVH) Programs are designed to meet a specific need within a targeted audience such as:

Community Service Programs:
Covenant Veterans Home (CVH) Programs reach into the community by addressing needs that are not just veteran-specific:

Future Plans for Disabled and Homeless Veterans: